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Biography Of Shaun Gordon



Shaun Gordon also known as Shaun G was born in Patterson, New Jersey and moved to Wilmington, Delaware at the age of 1 years old. He lived in Delaware until the age of 15 years old. Then him and his family decided to move to South Florida where he has been living ever since. At the young of 15 Shaun started throwing parties in the city, he learned how to market parties and the business of parties as well. At the age of 18 he began learning the secrets to the Club Life from Smitty Greeneyes and Jordan DaCeo. He became the street team for them and passed out flyers all around town on big events. At 21, Shaun began learning social media, became very efficient with all social media platforms such as Facebook and Myspace. In 2012, Shaun started up his own Company Called “TMS Marketing Group” which stands for Too Much Swag Marketing Group, he then worked for Twitter Inc. as an Advertiser and major Promoter and for his Success in Twitter was Verified by Twitter. In 2014, Shaun began his Radio Career and is now a Radio Personality on Hit Factory Radio which is one of the biggest online Radio Stations in South Florida. Also in 2014, Shaun wrote a Book Called “Knowing About A Woman” which is on Amazon, the book is a self help book for men who need advice in relationships or about women. In 2017, Shaun began his acting career and received his first movie role in the upcoming movie film called “Fight Within” the movie is still in production and will be coming in 2017 or 2018. Shaun G is a rising Star and has so much more great things to come.

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