Chedy- welcome to ghetto bwa official music video

by Hitliye Master on May 6, 2017
Explicit Content

Jis Kile – @KenbKalikoStyle Feat. @Steevibe

Teks Sa – Dan Ruff (MP3)

Voyel Anle – Gshytt Feat. @Giokworldwide [MP3]

Crazy Gang – Holdy Feat. Tatonn

Master Crank x Fra-P x Profet B M Sonje prod by Tchekesa Records

Master Crank Pull Up Beat With Hook prod by Tchekesa Records

Orphelin The Big Boy feat. Djim Impeccable Coeur Wifi prod by Tchekesa Records

Vag – Nelfresh [ Official Audio ]

Ban’m Yon Bal – Dirijan & Kensy DT – D.Roosvelt

Sonnen A Son – Trouble People’Loko Gang